Market Street Catering By Haggen

Caterers say the darndest things (Part 1)

An in-depth look into the lives of our Market Street Catering Team

or at least learn some really random facts about them!


Mollie Pike

Full Service Event Planner

Mollie joined Market Street Catering in 2009 as an Event Server.

Then in 2011 was promoted to Event Lead and then to Event Planner in 2013.

Here’s a snapshot of Mollie–(by the way in the photo above she’s the cute blonde girl on the left hand side, a little older of course)

1.       –My favorite food as a child was toast with butter and cinnamon/sugar on top.

2.     –  I love the sound of my cat purring; it is so calming and peaceful.

3.    –  I absolutely hate folding my laundry and putting my clothes away. I now have hired my 17 year old niece to do this task.

4.     – If I could choose a certain age to stay at forever, I would choose age 5 because life was so easy! Who doesn’t want to finger paint, make cool things with play-doh, play dolls, make blanket forts, take naps, and have your mom make you your favorite meals all day? Plus, I was super cute!

5.       –The one story my family always tells about me is how I always picked my nose as a kid. I can’t deny it. Hey, at least I didn’t eat what I found!

6.      – My favorite forms of exercise is to DANCE! I also like to take a nature walk with my little dog Peggy Sue, or ride my mountain bike with my children. I love to see wild life, even if it is just a field of cows. You will often find myself and my children having one way conversations with the animals we see. For example, one afternoon as we approached the field of cattle down the road from where we live, some of them began to ran away. My daughter simply says, “Now, now cows… need to be alarmed.”


Mollie (TODAY)

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…”

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