Market Street Catering By Haggen

Catering 101-Breaking the Stereotype


 “It seemed too easy”

“That was painless”

Being immersed in this world of food and service, we often forget what a big deal the word “catering” is to those who have never experienced it or to those who’ve had unpleasant experience with it.  Some people imagine servers dressed in bow ties and white gloves poised with trays of appetizers. We see distinguished guests in formal wear. Television shows & movies portray “catering” as only for the elite and exclusive.  Or our understandings stem from the awfulness of catering gone horribly wrong. There are experiences of terrible food and horrible service that seem to wound people to the core. There are diverse levels of familiarity with the definition among us all., describes this performance as—

Ca·ter (verb) \ˈkā-tər\ : to supply what is required or desired.

It expresses an act or state of being.  Catering is what we do.  It is who we are.  So why would we promise anything less than who we are?  We are artists and perfectionists.  We have master chefs crafting in the kitchen.  We have event staff positioning every chair and linen in its’ proper place.  We have organized planners in the office anticipating your every need and want. We have expert delivery drivers transporting merchandise to the Canadian Border and beyond with ease. 

This is what catering means to us—

“We promise to keep quality, service, integrity and reliability at the forefront of every guest interaction.

We commit to using fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients hand-crafted by trained culinarians for high-quality, innovative food experience.

We promote a team environment that encourages learning, passion for quality food and service, and mutual respect”

  Haggen Market Street Catering Mission Statement

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