Market Street Catering By Haggen

Let me tell you a story…

…A priest, a Western Washington University student, and Susie walked into Sehome Village Haggen NW Fresh, all searching for something.

The priest was angling for some canned tuna, the student was hunting for Top Ramen, and Susie was a looking for a fruit platter.  The priest and student found what they were looking for.  Susie didn’t quite know where to discover answers.

She approached the service deli counter inquiring if they made fruit platters.  Nancy replied, “We have a great catering department right here in our store that makes awesome fruit platters, let me take you to their office.”

Nancy took Susie to the catering office and was greeted by event planners who showed Susie our On-The-Go Catering Menu.

As Susie gazed over the menu,  she saw so much more than a fruit platter, she remarked, “I never knew Haggen could offer so much.”

We want to change your interpretation of what grocery store catering is.  We want to introduce you to a whole new experience of what catering can be…something much more.

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”

– Adelle Davis

chef bryan
Did you know that behind Market Street Catering’s menus resides an Executive Chef who not only graduated from the Culinary Institute of America but trained in some of the most premier restaurants in San Fransisco and Seattle?

green beans

Haggen Northwest Fresh is not just a store philosophy, it is Catering’s as well. Whenever in season, we grab anything from green beans from Joe’s Garden just down the street to fresh fish from just out of Bellingham Bay. Market Street Catering IS Northwest Fresh.


Whether your needs for catering are just a small container of our homemade Lemon Feta Aioli, a fruit platter, or an elaborate event serving a custom plated menu for 600 people.

We strive to exceed expectations, don’t believe us?

                       It’s our mission statement.


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