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“What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.”  ~ Confucius

At Haggen MSC we are not all talk when it comes to guest service.  How many people have told you, “I am a people’s person?”  How many of you list that as a quality you posses on your resume?  How many businesses preach about their stance on guests service… ,”Satisfaction guaranteed”,  “We’re not happy until you’re happy”, or “”Our satisfaction rating is 95%!”  Well, Haggen MSC is no different.  We  share this with our guests in our Mission Statement, we talk about it amongst each other every day in our office, our kitchen, and on our events.   We are not happy with a mere 95% satisfaction rating, we’re not happy until you are ecstatic let alone simply satisfied, and not only is your satisfaction guaranteed, it is expected to be exceeded.

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We practice what we preach.  Literally.

Just over a couple of weeks ago, the team of Haggen MSC spent some time at the Lairmont Manor reviewing just what it means to provide great service.   It was a beautiful day, it was Cinco de Mayo, and it was the nicest day in May that the NW has ever seen (well I think ever).    The best part…the entire team showed up.  Hows that for proving that you care about what you are doing?


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The team has read training manuals, seen great service in action, and now has gathered together to bring a greater level of understanding to the perfect event.  From guest service on the floor, to great service at the bar, and don’t forget great service and respect to each other, we work hard to ensure that our every interaction is as perfect as we can make it.  We discussed the little things, the big important things, and of course Steve’s pet peeve, keeping everyone’s water glass full!


I always ask my future team members when interviewing them, “What is your favorite dining experience that you can remember, and what was your least favorite?”  Each time, the response is typically a result of the service they received and not the food, not the ambiance, or even the limitations of the menu.  Service IS king.  It’s just not a saying.  No matter what industry you are in, service can make or break a company.  You can have the best widget at the cheapest price, but if you can’t interact with your team and your clients with respect and a high level of guest service your business will eventually become obsolete.

“We believe that Market Street Catering’s success depends on our guests, and that we earn their business by striving to always exceed their expectations.
We promise to keep quality, service, integrity and reliability at the forefront of every guest interaction.
We commit to using fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients hand-crafted by trained culinarians for a high-quality, innovative food experience.
We promote a team environment that encourages learning, passion for quality food and service, and mutual respect.”  Market Street Catering Mission Statement

Providing amazing guest service in everything we do is not just something we say we do.  It is not some fluffy marketing statement that we want people to buy into.  It is not a not a just a standard in the industry.  GREAT service is something that we live, breathe, and in addition to great food, is what we feed each and every person that we interact with.  It is us.


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